5 Things to Consider When Looking for Real Estate Insurance

September 17, 2018

Real estate is a very valuable asset that needs to be properly protected. One thing that you will need to make sure that your home is property protected is homeowners insurance. When looking for homeowner s insurance Florida residents need to take several factors into consideration.

Property Value

The most important factor to consider is your property value. You will want to make sure that you have coverage in place that will replace the value of your property.

Flood Coverage

Depending on where you live, you may need to get additional flood insurance. Many people in Florida live in flood zones that will be required if you have a FHA-guaranteed mortgage. If you live in flood zone, your regular policy may not cover flood damage and the additional coverage will be a necessity.

Personal Property

Your home insurance policy should also provide coverage for your personal property. This can include providing you with coverage for your furniture, electronics, and other items. This will ensure you have coverage to replace these items if they are damaged.

Riders for Individual Items

If you own expensive jewelry or collectibles, they likely won’t be covered by your base policy. Instead, you will need to get a rider on your policy. This will cover any type of expense you incur, including loss or theft.


When you get a property insurance policy, it will also provide you with personal liability protection. This can prove to be very beneficial in the event of an accident. It is important that you consider your individual risk factors when choosing a liability protection level.

When you are in need of property insurance Hallandale residents should reach out to the Riemer Insurance Group. When you speak with this company, they will help you to better understand your home owners insurance needs. They will then help you get into a policy that provides you with the right protection.