The Importance of Developers Insurance

October 26, 2018

Developer’s Insurance and Riemer Insurance Group

Developers insurance is purchased by an owner of a general contractor of a development project on behalf of the contractors, subcontractors and engineers. This specific insurance is important to have because it provides protection to the customers who purchase it. Developers insurance covers equipment, computers and other commercial property in case of property loss. It covers an assortment of things; Whereas, other commercial insurances cover things specifically relating to each other. It also covers your building when an employee of your company causes any kind of harm to someone else. This harm must be unintentional harm or a result of negligent work practices. When searching for this type of insurance, decide how much coverage you need, compare deductibles, ask about discounts or special offers and read your policy carefully.

Riemer Insurance Group is one of Florida’s leading insurance agencies and can provide an agent to every customer to help them with their insurance needs. Hallandale Insurance Group treat each client like family and understand how important it is to make their customers a top priority. They offer an assortment of insurance lines and are willing to decide which insurance is best for their client’s specific needs. According to the president, Stephen L. Riemer, of the company, they offer competitive pricing and responsive service to the clients that they serve and their experienced and leading professionals will make sure your goals are clear in order to create an insurance program that meets your needs respectively. The professionals also feel that it is important to go the extra mile to make sure that each client is taken care of. The Riemer Insurance Group’s website provides information about the company, the products and also provides a “contact us” tab to ensure that the professionals are readily able and willing to assist you in any way.